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These are a few things that have been written about the farm recently:

“The Secret (Double) Life of X-331” 1859 Oregon Magaine 11/07/2016
“Where Beer Gets Its Oomph” Portland Business Journal 08/30/2016
“Irrigation Innovation on Oregon Farms” Farm Flavor 08/25/2016
“Fresh Hop Beer Popularity Grows” The Oregonian 10/02/2015
“And Then There were Fresh Hops” Willamette Week 09/22/2015
“Hop Harvest Heats Up After Warm Summer” Statesman Journal 08/25/2015
“In Conversation with #WomeninAg: Gayle Goschie” USDA Blog 07/30/2015
“Outing a Chance For Brewers to See Hop Farm” Statesman Journal 04/16/2015
"Beer Innovators" All About Beer 09/15/2014
"Guest Brewer: Gayle" Odell Brewing 07/16/2014
"Hops Serve a Thirsty Nation" The Oregonian 07/03/2014
"HOP, Oregon" 1859 Magazine 11/01/2012
"Following the Hops Trail" The Contemporary Sportsman 06/29/2012
"From Field to Glass" Our Town 04/01/2012
"Beer of the Future" Willamette Week 02/15/2012
"Oregon Hops: From Farmer to Brewmaster" AM Northwest 09/14/2011
"From Corporate to Craft" Edible Portland 09/13/2011
"Hop Harvest at Goschie Farms" The Not So Professional Beer Blog 09/12/2011
"Where Does Your Beer Come From?" The Faster Times 09/22/2009
"Hop Trippin'" Brewpublic 08/26/2009
"100 Years of Success and Still Moving Forward" USDA NRCS 10/01/2007

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