Hops Goschie Farms


While Goschie Farms has expanded to grow a number of different crops, hops were our first product and still comprise the majority of our annual output.

"Hops", or Humulus lupulus, are flowering plants used primarily in the production of beer. Hops play a number of roles in the brewing process - bittering the beverage to counteract some of the sweetness that has been generated, providing distinct flavor, and acting as an antibacterial agent by removing some of the nastier microorganisms that may have been produced during fermentation while leaving the brewer's yeast to "do its thing".

Goschie Farms grows hops for a number of different breweries, and has been especially excited to be able to partner with some astounding craft brewing operations as that industry exploded onto the scene. There are a number of different varieties of hops, and Goschie Farms has, over the years, grown several dozen of these. While we maintain our production of classic brewery favorites we've also made an effort to introduce (or re-introduce) some varieties that we think deserve another shot at the spotlight.

This is what we are growing this year:

CrystalHallertau 102
U.S. TettnangerWillamette